Listen to Liebschen Frjygga's latest two songs Sweetheart Gray Play and Funeral for the Post Play from their upcoming album Friends.

Liebschien Frjygga is…

Max Dupas – Guitars, Bass, Vocals and Keyboards
Chris Haywood – Guitars, Vocals

In the Wild

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Recent News

Hazel-Ridge 3.1

Hazel-Ridge studios is in midst of completing renovations. Because of this you can expect more in terms of quality and quantity from your favorite Hazel-Ridge bands, including Liebschien Frjygga. If you are interested in hearing unreleased material from Liebschien Frjygga, or are looking for somewhere to record, contact Max Dupas at Otherwise, thank-you for your interest in Liebschien Frjygga and other Hazel-Ridge products. Max Dupas

Into the Past

Self-titled CD Released

Second LF CD soon to be released

Technology takes some time off

The next disc is on the horizon

Renamed EP

EP Release – Off Bright

The Latest Album

Self-Titled (LFCD01)

Self-titled LFCD01

  1. Feel
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  2. Without a Queen
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  3. Something will change
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  4. What you know
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  5. In the country
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  6. The Conscience
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  7. Rolling over on
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  8. It’s a sad day today in Legoland
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  9. Tortue
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