Listen to Liebschen Frjygga's latest two songs Sweetheart Gray Play and Funeral for the Post Play from their upcoming album Friends.

Self-titled (2009)

1. Feel Play

I found what you were looking for
That colour you told me about
How it shook your surface
How it made all the days
Look like
They were hazy misrepresentations
The colour you had seen
Stuck in between
The white and pink palours
We pressed together

I finally seen where it’d been
It was waiting for more suitable weather
I had noticed a gleam
Of days in deep dreams
Where the sky don’t exist
And the only people I know
Is who’s there
And what we need
It strikes me down
With it’s graceful romance
Brushing me
Like a hundred hands

It’s wafting at me
Dense heavy air
How peaceful to breath
This wet misty shine
Seconds gone by
But frozen in time
Baby, I wasn’t hearing your advice
To go find what we needed
To survive
This storm of pale freedom
And our pastel lives

We’re still under it’s spell
It’s a permanent prescription
That we’re sharing worlds apart
I can’t forget the day
You told me
The colour…

2. Without a Queen Play

This wretched scene is just for me
A magic kingdom without a queen
A solo party with drinks between
My waking hour and lonely sleep
I don’t mind sleeping alone some times
It’s being alone when I’m awake that hurts

Wake up tired with thoughts of you
Rub my eyes and play the blues
Have a drink and a smoke or two
I didn’t know I was in love with you
But now I know.
Thinking about when everything was right
Thinking about how you’re not thinking of me.

3. Something will change… Play

Don’t worry, don’t panic.
You’ll get your fill.
Watch some commercials… digest your fill
Use leverage, pulleys, and simple machines,
Mistakes and bad dreams to find what it means.

When the winds of the seasons change
Blow all the leaves away,
The colours underneath that I’ve never seen
Are going to change what the people on the T.V. say.
Normally the right don’t find when
the Emperor is wrong ‘cuz his army’s too strong.
But we’re lacing up our steel-toes and starting to march
(and actually) fighting for a change…

Dissect Religion and give it new names
And we’ll find our answers but nothing will change.
The Empire is crumbling into the sea.
An old land, a fresh start, the next effigy.
A new kind of free.

4. What you know Play

You don’t know nothing
No, nothing’s in mind
Come to me new
The waste of my time

So graciously given to you in gift form
But forwarned…
“Gift just makes you open”
How to explain, what it’s like to be so real
When you show me the sheets
Wink, smother me.
If I don’t know you
Then you don’t know me
Now there’s no sorrow
No sad lakes
No fields of ecstasy
Cuz you don’t know nothing
No, nothing’s in mind

Damn you for changing
When I just reached mine
The lengths wave the distance
And waste my time.

Liebschien Frjygga is Max Dupas (Guitars, Bass, Vocals and Keyboards) and Chris Haywood (Guitars, Vocals)

All tracks produced and engineered by Max Dupas and Chris Haywood. Recorded at Hazel-Ridge studios.All rights reserved Max Dupas, Chris Haywood, 2009.

Special Thanks to Jillian Winnicki, Toby Dupas, John Funk “Undesrcorefunk Design”, the Dupas family, the Haywood Family, the Winnicki Family, Norm and Connie, Dave Regier of Sad old Bear Studios, Toby Hughes, Beausejour Music, Planet of Sound, Second Encore, Mothers music Ltd. You know who you are…

5. In the country Play

In the country where you want to be
It’s where you’ll find the piece of you
Beguiled and renewed
From the breath of the world
Lying next to the spirit scent
Sent to replace your revisited views
From overhead
I’m in the ceiling
See the healing
Absorbing the dreaming
Dripping and steaming
Melting the me
I made to freeze by removing the stitch
And itching.

In the hand of the country
You counted your keep
Those flesh coloured bars can move to make
The gate to your heart perspires from your pain
From being too plain
To wax and wane
The quarter of the smiling face
Embraces me
Those bristles when
You painted me
Swaying in harmony
With the country
Where you want to be
It’s where you’ll find the piece.

6. The Conscience Play

I don’t know what you have been told
It matches your shoes, your eyes and your way.
Inside the answer succumb to the nattering images
Of ‘Times’ at the base of the ladder
You’re looking me up
Then clambering after.
I’ll never disturb your motions
With dust
You’re looking me up
And I’m still the hammer
So cold at the top
So tired no manners.

I can barely wait
To see the face I recognize as yours
I can barely be
The conscience that you need
Because mine’s for me.

I can never wait
For you babe, I’m way too bored
Call me a whore.
Because I can barely wait
To get in bed with another kind of warm.
Don’t call me baby no more.

7. Rolling over on Play

Times past
Time’s fast
I’ll be there as soon as I can
The length ain’t so long

I don’t change I re-arrange
I stay the same insane I cling, to save the way from me
I’d stay away from me.

Rolling over on
This chance so clear
So clearly made
But now it wanders off
Don’t know where I belong
There’s so much room and less person here.
Oh baby, where’ve you gone?

I’ve been tricked before
I know you more
I know your kind
You’re kind
But kind of evil.
Serene and real
Fine your eyes
Blindly wise you go…

On you ramble that sickly gamble
From atmosphere, to barely here.

8. It’s a Sad Day Today in Legoland Play

This Legoship is going to tip.
We’re going to lose our whole Lego cruise
And somehow they’re all still smiling.

It’s Christmas again so go spend my friend
But WalMart is lying and we shouldn’t be buying into this
“Business Christmas”

So if I was broke would you accept
My company instead of money
As my gift.

This legoship is going to tip and we’re going to lose
Our whole lego crew.
It’s a sad day, today,
In Legoland.

9. Tortue Play

Laisser en arrière
Les roches que j’ai lancé
Tous mes marches navies rien dit.
Aux moins milles fois
Et milles d’endroits
Qui me fait se pensé

N’écoutes pas la vèrité
Ils sont toutes les menteurs
Ils mentent pour leurs sauvé

Mais cette année c’est different
Je te manques
Et les jours passent
Comme un tortue
Il avait pris du valium
Brilliant l’idée
La future lentamente
Est arrivé
Mes yeux overtes
Mon corps plus fière
La sang plus pur
Sans vous