Listen to Liebschen Frjygga's latest two songs Sweetheart Gray Play and Funeral for the Post Play from their upcoming album Friends.


Max Dupas

Joseph Maximilian Louis Dupas was born on February 6th 1985 in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. He was 14 he picked up his sister’s boyfriend’s guitar that was on loan to his father. With that, and a guitar class available in his junior high school he began to learn and write songs. He then switched over to bass when he asked for one for his 15th birthday. By the age of sixteen he finally had enough money to buy his guitar to this day ‘Anna’. Max’s earliest influences included bands like Bauhaus, The Offspring and Metallica. In his later teens he became very fond of the blues, jazz, epic fantasy metal and psychedelic rock. By the age of 16 Max already had several songs and performances under his belt fuelled mostly by his desire to meet young woman and ‘be cool’. Max gigged often at various cafés and venues either solo or with his former band ‘The Awkward’. He loved being able to share his songs with his dearest friends and strangers in a live setting. His compelling lyrics combined with his unique guitar styles and sounds, fuelled his love for music and his desire to write as many songs as he could. In the winter of 2002 Max recorded his first album with the help from his friend David Kunstatter. Through-out the next many years Max continued to write songs and record music. Until one day when a friend of his now fiancé named Chris came over to the house he lived in with many other people. They shared their music with each-other in a tiny, smokey room on the third floor. And then decided to begin writing music together. With the engagement to his fiancé and the birth of his first son, Max and his family moved to a small farm house near Beausejour, Manitoba. In November 2008, Chris and Max decided to create Hazel-Ridge studios. With already some experience in musicianship and a thirst to better himself, he and Chris formed Liebschien Frjygga. Now with LF’s self-titled release and their upcoming second, Max, while raising his son, continues to work in the studio, write music and perfect his ability to play the guitar. Plum Tuckered 2009

Chris Haywood

Christopher Robert Haywood was born on February 17th 1984 in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. He began to play the guitar at the age of 16. He was loaned a child’s guitar that one day fell off the couch and snapped in half. A couple of months later he woke up on the couch to his parents presenting him his own first guitar. A mix of popular grunge, alternative rock, industrial and folk music became the foundation for Chris’ journey towards becoming a full-fledged recording artist. Musicians like Trent Reznor, Hayden, Leonard Cohen, and (like most slightly confused 16 year olds) Kurt Cobain were only but a few of his first influences. He first began to write songs in 2002 with the goal of bettering himself, traveling, meeting girls and sharing his many musical ideas. By 2006 Chris had finished his first batch of songs, having no idea of their future significance. Chris’ main focus in his style of song writing was to be able to provide new emotions, nuances, and honest soul to an over-crowded and often repetitive music industry. Chris’ crisp, clear and catchy style of guitar always supplemented his ability to achieve his goal. Chris met Max Dupas in 2008. They began to compose new songs and modify old songs at Chris’s home AKA ‘Sad old bear studios’. Eventually the partnership between Chris and Max led them to create and co-own Hazel-Ridge Studios near Beausejour, Manitoba. For Chris the best is yet to come. With the release of Liebschien Frjygga’s first album. and the completion of the second. Chris Haywood has become a young, talented and soul-full musician who is only beginning to bloom. Plum Tuckered 2009