Listen to Liebschen Frjygga's latest two songs Sweetheart Gray Play and Funeral for the Post Play from their upcoming album Friends.

Hazel-Ridge 3.1

Hazel-Ridge studios is in midst of completing renovations. Because of this you can expect more in terms of quality and quantity from your favorite Hazel-Ridge bands, including Liebschien Frjygga. If you are interested in hearing unreleased material from Liebschien Frjygga, or are looking for somewhere to record, contact Max Dupas at Otherwise, thank-you for your interest in Liebschien Frjygga and other Hazel-Ridge products. Max Dupas

Self-titled CD Released

With completion of the bands visual concept and the album artwork by John Funk of Underscorefunk Design. Liebschien Frjygga is released.

Second LF CD soon to be released

LF completes their second original conept album Weltraum set to be released in fall of 2009.

Technology takes some time off

A temporary glitch in studio equipment causes Hazel-Ridge studios to close for one month.

The next disc is on the horizon

LF begins to work on their second album.

Renamed EP

After many revisions and full mastering sessions, the EP Off Bright was cut down to 9 tracks and became LF’s self-titled release.

EP Release – Off Bright

Max and Chris form Liebschien frjygga and release their first EP Off Bright

Hazel-Ridge Studios Opens

Completion and opening of Hazel-Ridge studios.

Getting started

Chris Haywood and Max Dupas decide to form a band and begin to write, rehearse and produce their original songs.